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Selected interview segments.   Click on the photos or icon to launch segments.  Note: There will be a slight delay up to 30 seconds, as the file downloads to Windows media for playing. Thanks for your patience!

"I think the goal of an interviewer should be to find out something from your guest that has rarely been brought out.  You'll be surprised at some of the things you'll hear, plus,  I've also always loved a good story and I've included some of my favorites. . . ."   Preston


Bob Hope          Charles Kuralt     Nancy Reagan     George Burns    Hillary Clinton   Barry Goldwater   Milton Berle


Paul Harvey  The Phoenix Lights    Mike Wallace   William Buckley  Linda Tripp   Rich Little        Henry Mancini  Dan Quayle


Dick Morris   Tim Conway    Fania Fenelon   Jesse White  Lawrence Welk  Eldridge Cleaver  Marty Ingles Peter Jennings 


Beverly Sills   Sioux City Crash                  Peter Graves    Alex Haley    Madelyn O'Hair  Paul Harvey   Gen. Westmoreland


Pat & Preston Blooper   Randy Johnson    D'Backs Name    Jimmy Carter     David Brenner   Kirk Douglas   Mein Kahane